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After water, juices are probably the next healthiest type of beverage you can drink. They do not have the calorie content that most other drinks have, which include sodas, milk-based drinks, shakes and even your favorite energy drink.

The only downside to drinking fresh homemade juice is that fruits naturally contain sugar, which could be a potential danger if you are already diabetic. All in all, the safest option for both diabetics and non-diabetics is to opt for organic juice drinks instead.

Natural juice drinks that are commercially made have been carefully formulated to ensure that they contain the healthiest combination of ingredients. And yes, that means every effort has been made to keep them low in sugar as well.

Another excellent thing about organic juices is that they provide a safe alternative to water when you are feeling a little bit tired following your water-based detoxification diet.

Organic Juice is not just as refreshing as water, but it also offers a wide range of flavors that will satisfy your taste buds while keeping your tummy happily satisfied as well. The trick to using natural juice drinks as a diet-friendly beverage is to savor each sip instead of gulping it all down in one go. Drink it like a princess instead of someone who just came out of the Sahara without a sip of water.

Last but not the least, organic juice has its own set of vitamins and minerals to offer as well as offering numerous other health benefits. You just have to take your pick among all the rainbow assortment of fruits in the world. Citrusy fruits like oranges are known to be rich in antioxidants as well as Vitamin C. Apples still keep the doctors away and watermelons are effective for cleansing or detoxification.

Here at Pristine Planet, you can choose from two wonderful health-friendly flavors: Ginger Soother from Ginger People or Organic Blueberry Nectar Juice from Knudsen. Whichever you pick, rest assured that you would have nothing to regret. Your health and hard-earned slim figure is still safe from harm.