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Natural Joint Remedies


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Here at Pristine Planet we aim to provide you with natural solutions for all your health problems. Joint pain is a common complaint shared by many people around the world. There are many causes but little in the way of remedies. Our natural joint remedies can help you relieve the pain without the side-effects.

Reduce the pain from stiff knees, elbows or any other part of your body with Blend for Life Organics’ Joint and Muscle Rub. The combined powers of wintergreen, eucalyptus, clove, pine, ginger and lavender essential oils soothe your muscles and bring about a much needed respite from pain.

Shea butter and olive oil moisturize the skin while you massage it in. The Handmade Arnica Balm Muscle Rub soothes with peppermint and menthol and uses the healing power of arnica flowers, which are proven to speed up healing.

Treat your pain where it counts with a natural joint pain relief supplement like Pomology’s Joint Formula. Each tablet gives a healthy dose that helps lubricate your joints and the cartilage between them. Inflammago by Native Remedies helps relieve arthritic symptoms and inflammation with natural ingredients like arnica and bryonia. Simply take a capsule every single day to chase the pain away.

Mountain Meadow Herbs’ Liquid Herbal Calcium uses plant-based calcium to help strengthen bones, soothe cramps and is safe for nursing or expectant women. It uses natural ingredients like nettle leaf, chamomile and oat straw herbs to soothe inflammation. Soak your pain away your pain in mineral-rich bath salts from the Himalayas, proven to help relieve stress and water retention.

Do not let pain overshadow your life. A natural remedy for joint pain is the answer for your problems. Never let a bad knee stop you from doing the things you want to do. Forget hiding the pain with dangerous painkillers, our remedies can do the job for you without the chemicals.