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Natural Granola


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Natural granolaís health factor cannot be ignored, and it is almost as good as its yummy factor. A popular breakfast and snack food, this nutritious mix of oats, honey and nuts is a powerhouse of nutrients and energy. Eat it alone, with milk or yoghurt or rolled up. Pristine Planet provides you with organic granola options to help you get the most out of this food.

An easy way to get more natural granola in your diet is to keep organic granola bars close by. Fionaís Natural Foodís has several flavors for you so you will never get bored. Instead of eating those sugary protein bars that leave you hungry, try adding organic granola to your snacks. On a diet? Never fearóthese will keep you full far longer than other snacks.

The Peanut Butter Granola Bar will surely satisfy even the most raging sweet tooth, made with organic ingredients and sweetened naturally with agave nectar. You can choose from a variety of flavors that include Almond Cranberry to Cinnamon Orange.

If you prefer to have your organic granola for breakfast, Two Momís in the Raw gives you different raw granola options that are organic, vegan-safe and gluten-free. Go crazy with the new Gojiberry flavor or stick to the classics with blueberry.

Gluten free granola is the perfect solution if you have sensitivity to wheat or dairy. Shortbread NYCís gives you baked granola so good you will not believe it is sugar free. And did we say they are completely safe for gluten-restricted and vegan diets?

Here at Pristine Planet we want to make sure we offer the best products for your lifestyle. Whether you want organic, kosher, vegan, sugar or gluten free, we have it for you. We even have Apricot Cinnamon Granola cookies for those who just need a cookie fix to get them through the day.