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Natural Flu Remedies


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Runny nose, hacking cough and puffy eyes do not exactly present a pretty picture. But when you have colds and flu, the last thing you care about is your appearance. All the coughing and sneezing can be quite annoying, not to mention downright embarrassing! The mere thought of being subjected to all those stares in the elevator can make one cringe and scamper back to the comforting solace of the bedroom.

Now, hold that thought and imagine your kid battling a severe bout of flu. Heartbreaking, right? According to experts, kids under six years old should not be given OTC medications due to its possible adverse effects. In fact, more and more people today prefer natural flu remedies due to reported ill-effects of the combination of antihistamine-decongestants medications. You definitely donít want your child to be subjected to a cocktail of synthetic drugs at such a young age. So what can a concerned parent like you possibly do?

The great news is here at Pristine Planet, we offer a wide array of natural flu remedies safe enough for kids. Choose from our variety of lozenges, throat drops and expectorants and other natural flu relief products that come in delicious flavors kids will surely love. We have carefully handpicked this selection to provide the very best variety of natural flu relief available in the market.

Now, you donít have to dread administering these natural flu remedies. Your toddler may just even ask you for another dose! For scratchy throats, our Ricola Mixed Berry Throat Drop is especially popular among kids and adults, too. With a wonderful combination of Eucalyptus, Herb and Sage, you can say goodbye to sour faces and tantrums. Whoever said medicines have to taste awful to be effective, right?

Treat colds and flu the way nature intended to. Apply Purple Prairie Natureís Vapor All Purpose Medicated Salve on your childís chest before bedtime to prevent nocturnal coughing and wheezing. You see, you can actually take colds and flu in stride and donít have to lose sleep over it.