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Keep your teeth organically clean with Pristine Planet’s selection of natural dental floss. Pair your organic toothpaste with delicious, completely organic floss for sparkling, clean teeth.

Conventional dental floss is often made from super strong fibers to help it glide smoothly between your teeth without snagging. These threads are not biodegradable. Think of the millions of yards of floss that are flushed down toilets or thrown into the garbage every single year.

Others use petroleum derived ingredients to lubricate the dental floss—including synthetic wax and Teflon, which is known to use a dangerous chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid. Others add artificial ingredients, alcohol, dyes and perfumes to the dental floss.

We have the answer with our environmentally friendly dental floss products. Eco floss is free of the harmful chemicals and pollutants. They are also biodegradable, which makes them the perfect choice for the earth-friendly family. Tom’s of Maine Anti Plaque Flat Natural Floss in Spearmint Flavor uses natural ingredients like beeswax and spearmint oil to help you clean your teeth without the chemical taint. Try the unflavored version if you prefer to floss without mint.

If you are looking for natural floss, Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Dental Floss uses antiseptic oil and natural wax to help keep your teeth cavity free. Tea tree oil’s proven antibacterial fighting properties help fight gingivitis and plaque buildup naturally. Dental picks are also available. We also love Natural Dental Floss in Cranberry for its delicious pure fruit flavor. Bacteria-fighting compounds found in cranberry have been proven to help inhibit buildup and keep your mouth cleaner and healthier.

Keeping your teeth clean naturally is easy with our natural floss selections. Good dental hygiene is essential for good health and helps reduce cavities, plaque and dental bills. There is no need to sacrifice cleanliness with our eco-friendly options. Use with natural toothpaste for the best results: white teeth and a clean smile.