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Natural & Organic Eye Shadow


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Natural & Organic Eye Makeup

Having harmful chemicals near your eyes is no longer a health risk with Natural Eye Makeup made from biodegradable and natural waxes.

Choose from a great selection of Organic Eye Shadow products like the eye shadow made from a mixture of select organic materials. This product is available in six colors and can be easily applied either dry or with an eye shadow brush.

Another Natural Eye Shadow option is the multi-task mineral eye shadow which can be applied either wet or dry. This eye shadow is made from pure mineral materials free from chemicals and toxins, colorants, silicone and paraben. Long lasting and functional, you can use this multi-task mineral eye shadow with your favorite lipstick or blush on without looking uncoordinated.

After putting on Organic Eye Shadow on your lids, apply biodegradable and vegan mascaras like an all-natural sugar-based mascara, for example. Made with natural sugar by-products and earth pigments among other ingredients, your long lashes will be made even more prominent with this product. Smudge-resistant with lasting power, this natural mascara is gentle to sensitive eyes so you can wear your lashes all day.

You can further enhance your look with a pencil eyeliner with five beautiful colors to choose from, ranging from black to navy blue. Made from a paraben-free, Jojoba-based formula, you can rest assured that your sensitive skin won't be adversely affected by keeping this eyeliner on all day long.

For a smoother and more smoldering eyes, opt for a natural liquid eyeliner made from biopolymer, a sugar-based material. Only natural and vegan products are used in the manufacture of this effective liquid eyeliner, keeping your sensitive skin and eyes safe from harmful chemicals.

Everyone wants to be beautiful, but being naturally beautiful is even better. Now you can use these mineral and plant based eye shadows and liners to bring out your natural beauty. Using natural eye make up also means you're not going to be adding lots of toxins to your skin and your body. That means a healthier more natural you.