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Natural Cleaning Products


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Keep your home green and clean with Pristine Planetís natural cleaning products. You never have to deal with strong fumes, unsafe chemicals, toxic ingredients or burnt hands again. You will never have to worry about polluting land and water because these items get your home sparkling clean, naturally.

Start off with a general non toxic cleaner that works on everything like Simply Neutralís Strut Your Shine. This plant based cleaner uses tea tree oil and citrus to clean up grime anywhere in the house. There are absolutely no chemicals in this, so it is perfect for people with sensitive noses, allergies or anyone who hates VOCs, dyes or synthetic fragrances.

Check out Bi-O-Kleenís line of organic cleaning products like their Glass Cleaner uses a combination of coconut oil, water and vinegar to attack that smudge on your window without a chemical spilled. Their Bac-Out Non-Toxic Stain and Odor Eliminator use natural bacteria to kill stains and odors. Strong enough to get rid of that wine stain that has been in your carpet for years but environmentally friendly enough to degrade within days (once you use it, of course).

Mrs. Meyers also provides a line of eco cleaning products that are tough on dirt but gentle on the environment. Check out the Lavender Countertop Spray, which is a biodegradable multipurpose cleaner.

Follow up your cleaning spree with an all natural furniture polish like Daddy Vanís. Protect and clean your furniture with natural beeswax and emollients without toxic dyes or stains, or harsh fumes that can trigger allergies or coughing sprees.

Keeping your home clean naturally is a snap with our array of eco friendly items. We have everything from cleaning cloths and upholstery cleaners to pet deodorizers and vegetable sprays. We even have recycled plastic bottles if you prefer to make your own cleaning concoctions. With our dirt busting eco line, your home will literally be green and clean.