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Natural Cat Treats


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Treat your four-legged pal right with Pristine Planetís natural cat treats. Commercially made treats may contain harmful chemicals and additives that harm your petís health.

Most pet product manufacturers claim that their products are made from all-beef, chicken or fish, but if you check the ingredients list you will be surprised. Most of their ďmeatĒ is fake. Not only that, some of their ingredients can be harmful to your pet. If you are concerned about what pet food manufacturers put in their products and feed your cat only organic, nutritious meals, then these natural cat treats are for you.

Organic cat treats contain all the necessary nutrients and minerals that a cat needs, and they are usually more delicious. Try Pet Naturalís Daily Best for Cats Chews that are not only great, delicious treats but an excellent source of your furry friendís essential vitamins and minerals.

Your cat will not even suspect that it is really a vitamin, they will love its chicken liver flavor so much. It is full of the essential amino acids that cats need like taurine and antioxidants to keep your petís fur and skin shiny and healthy. Daily Best is safe for kittens and adult cats.

Active cats love fish treats and our Kitty Chicken ní Fish Gift Tote is the perfect gift for the cat lover and the yummiest treat around. All-natural ingredients guarantee that it will help keep your pet healthy and active. They will love the chicken and fish flavor.

You can also buy our Chicken ní Fish treats in smaller, attractive packages to keep or give away. All our packaging is recyclable, so when the treats are finished, simply fold them up and send them to the nearest center.

Whatever natural cat treats you choose, you get the same benefits: yummy, hypoallergenic treats your cat will be doing tricks to get!

Comments for Natural Cat Treats

Very expensive and smelly. I had been using the kronch one which is also 100% salmon but baked into a cookie and less than half this price for 6 oz. My dog liked them but they like all salmon treats so will stick with the bag twice as big from kronch.