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Natural Remedies For Children


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Making sure your kids stay healthy is not always easy, so we at Pristine Planet want to help you in the best way we can. Our selection of herbal health products specifically for children is all-natural and effective, so you can use them without worry.

The My Herbalist line is highly recommended. This line of products covers everything from flu to attention deficit to tummy troubles. All items in this line come with a built-in dropper for easy dosage. The My Herbalist products are fine examples of all-natural products that are highly effective and have no side effects.

Parasites and lice are problems that we have to get rid of early on in life. You don’t have to turn to synthetic and artificial products to achieve these effects when natural products work just as well. Para-rid is a product for getting rid of internal parasites, ensuring your child’s bowels are free of nasty creatures. For getting rid of hair lice, there’s the Mora Kincare Kit – no more scratching and unsightly welts.

Insect bites are not just unsightly, they’re irritating. With the Chikkie Spot Soother, you can soothe the affected area and reduce itchiness. Remember that small scars received in childhood can grow as the skin stretches, so help your kids avoid scratching and reduce the risk for scarring.

We also have products that can cause a natural calm for kids without causing sleepiness or lethargy. These are great if your child is uncomfortable and can help them get to sleep quickly, or just get them to calm down and behave.

These are just some of the many wonderful kids’ herbal products we have on offer here at Pristine Planet. There are many more herbal children’s products, so make sure to browse through carefully and take note of the ones that you want!