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Natural Bath Brushes


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Natural Bath Brushes

With natural bath brushes, you are assured that they are made from eco-friendly materials, which are also friendly to your skin. Whether you are looking for a simple loofah or a long handled body brush, there is always a right natural bath brush for you.

If you need a bath brush to scrub your back, the Hemp Back Scrubber from Compostable Goods can help you remove the dirt from that hard to reach spots. This crocheted scrubber from Romania is mechanically processed and since it was made from hemp, it can resist microbial growth. Enjoy bathing with this scrubber and go out wearing your backless tanks without worries!

Do you want a massage while you bathe? Try the Body Brushes for Shower and Bath from Natural Bath and Body and experience a back-to-back massage and body scrub. This wooden bath brush combines the joy of a massage and a scrub in one brush.

It's a deal breaker when the handle of your long handled brush breaks just when you started scrubbing. Thank nature for bamboo and for the EcoTools Bamboo Bristle Bath Brush from Green Ostrich. This bath brush is made from bamboo; from its bristles down to its long handle, it is made from renewable bamboo. It is not only durable. It also gentle for your exfoliation needs.

The perfect natural bath brush is waiting for you at Pristine Planet. You can choose a natural loofah or a natural bristle bath brush to help ex- foliate your skin. The long wooden handle of these natural bath brushes allow you to easily clean those hard to reach areas.