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Treat your skin to one of Pristine Planetís natural body oils. We have an assorted selection to help nourish, soothe and cure dry skin. Organic Body oils trap moisture right where your skin needs it and is absorbed quickly and easily. Add body oils to the last stage of your bath or rub it on slightly damp skin for best results.

Organic body oil uses pure and natural ingredients that naturally benefit skin. Sea Chi Organicsí Certified Golden Organic Jojoba Seed Oil is greaseless and contains natural sunscreen. Not only does it soften and treat skin, it can also help control acne, wrinkles and stretch marks. Buttercup Naturals offers you a Golden Calendula Oil to help control and treat eczema, dry skin and itchy spots. Calendula has been proven to help soothe skin conditions naturally. This organic body oil is so safe you can even eat it.

Natural body oils like Enzoskinís Pure Vitamin E Moisturizer protect and nurture your skin. Ingredients like macadamia, all natural vitamin E, hazel oil and blackcurrant heal and keep skin looking younger longer. We also love Desert Essenceís Nourishing Body Oil in Cactus Flower. This vegetarian oil contains omega fatty acids to keep your skin silky and smooth.

Scented body oils make use of different essential oils and aromas to stimulate, relax or soothe. Sea Chiís Lavender Body Oil can be applied before bedtime to help you sleep without worry. We also love Pangaea Organicsí Ginger Body and Massage Oil. Ginger invigorates and refreshes your skin. You will always smell delicious no matter what body oil you choose.

Natural Body oils are not just for moisturizing. They are perfect for massages too and add to an overall feeling of contentment and relaxation. Use them when rubbing your feet or for a long, luxurious back massage. Keep a bottle handy to give yourself a quick neck rub. There is nothing like the feeling of sensuous body oil on your skin!

Comments for Natural Body Oils

I received this product yesterday and I used this oil on my daughter right after bath. My daughter has extremely dry skin and has had eczema since she was a few months old. I can't believe how soft my daughter's skin felt. I love all the ingredients in this product. I'm so glad I found this!

As the mother of a food allergic child, I need a fragrance free moisture that doesn't contain nut oils, milk proteins or other common food allergens. I don't want to worry that I will transfer any allergens to my child or his food. A squirt or two of Deep Moisture on my freshly washed hands and I know I'm guaranteed a safe, effective method to keep my hands and skin soft and smooth. I love that it is all-natural and a mom-invention. This is a great option for people with food allergies and those who care for them. Food Allergy Assistant www.foodallergyassistant.com

Softress Deep Moisture Winter formula is the only product I've found that healed my cracked heels. Now, I used it on my legs & feet after showers; no more problems with dry skin! My husband is outdoors all day, winter and summer. He had dry skin. Now, Softress keeps his face plump and moist. We both love it.

this product is AWESOME! i contacted this company in reference to their products and not only did i get an immediate response, it was also extremely personal. nina birnbaum is why one should stick to small businesses and all natual ingredients. my skin is supple and soft and my tattoo is healing beautifully. i bought the deep e blend for tattoo aftercare, and it's one of the only products that seems to not clog my pores or pull color from the tattoo. from the initial order to receipt of the product was less than 5 days. nina genuinely cares about the consumer and firmly stands behind her products. it's rare to find such a natural product that actually does everything it claims to do, and then some. i would definitley recommend all products from this company.

This is the best product I have ever used for my dry, naturally curly hair. I find as I get older that my hair gets drier, frizzier, & more flyaway than ever in the winter. All of the expensive salon hydrating & smoothing products really don't help at all, but Softress has dramatically improved my hair's condition. I don't have to spend bug bucks at the salon for something that may or may not help, & I don't have partially used bottles cluttering up the bathroom anymore. Softress is all I need now. It also works great in place of body lotion; just smooth it on while still wet from showering. It saves time, too, because you can combine drying off with putting on the softress, instead of drying off & then having to take the extra step of laboriously putting on all that body lotion. I love this product.

This product is both a skin saver and time saver for me. I have sensitive skin and live in Chicago so the winters can be brutal. As the mother of two young boys, I have a very small window of time in which to get ready in the morning so the fact that the oil sprays on and dries quickly makes it a must have for me! It doesn't take much product or time for my skin to feel soft and pampered all day, even on the coldest and driest of days. My younger son has a peanut allergy and eczema so I can use this on him without worrying about any type of reaction or skin irritation. I love the fact that this product was invented by a mom and that the company is a signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. It's an eco-friendly, family friendly product that everyone should have!

I absolutely love Softress. The Deep Moisture is the ONLY thing that I've found that keeps my daughter's dry skin/excema away. I also love the way it feels on myself. I get extremely dry in the winter, but with regular use of Softress, my skin is supple and soft. I love how it goes on without any greasy residue. It is not sticky like lotion. I love that it is all natural. It's a fabulous product!

I have been using Softress Deep Moisture oil on my face for over a year and am exceedingly happy with how soft and lubricated my face feels. My facial skin is very dry and sensitive to many products. I can only use fragrance and chemically free products, which are very hard to find. In the past, I have tried Eucerin Redness Relief, which is fragrance free, but contains a chemical that my skin reacted to so severely, I developed welts and dry red patches that took weeks to resolve. I have also tried Estee Lauder, but my skin became irritated, red and dry. Over the years, I have tried so many products, but have always ended up suffering and recovering. I was limited to using Vaseline on my face, which didnít moisturize, as much as it protected. Needless to say, I am very happy to have discovered Softress products, as they are the answer to my sensitive skin issues. I finally feel confident that my skin is getting the proper amount of moisturizing it so desperately needs to feel and look good.

With chronically dry skin, I found it impossible to keep my skin moisturized, especially after showering in the gym. I used to use baby oil, but didn't like its greasy feel or that mineral oil is a petroleum byproduct. I tried Deep Moisture and found it the answer to all problems. It hydrates my skin, isn't greasy, and is natural. The spray bottle locks shut so I can take it with me and it's so concentrated, a small bottle lasts a really long time. If you're concerned with keeping soft without harmful ingredients, try this product.

I love Softress! I have sensitive skin and so does my daughter, and I am concerned about using products that are not natural. I donít have to worry about Softress because I know I am using a pure product. Both my daughter and myself are happy with Softress.

i love this product!! it lives up to it's name. i'm african-american, work in graphics production. an environment not kind to skin. deep moisture keeps my skin healthy all over. i've used it from the first development, 5 yrs later and i do not use anything else. it's nourishment that you put on your skin... IT'S A MUST TRY...your skin is starving right now!

E-Blend from Softress is a great moisturizer for hand and body. It's particularly emollient and I like that there is a summer and a winter blend, because in New York winters my skin can get quite dry and a heavier blend is more useful, while in hot and humid summers less moisturizing is needed, though I still need a light moisturizer for problem areas even then (I do massage and acupuncture and wash my hands a lot, which can be drying), and my lightened hair can get dry then too. Nice to have a product so versatile, and great for traveling. I happen to be sensitive to some fragrances, not to others, and if a product has a scent I don't like, it's a real deal- breaker, no matter how nice it might be for the skin. So I've realized I can get a truly no-scent product with Softress, and then add a scent oil of my own choosing, which mixes and disperses well into the oil. A little E-Blend goes a long way and it absorbs readily with no excess oil feel - feels just like my own skin; the spray bottle makes it easy to dispense a small or large amount. And no more cracked heels, that's for sure. Feels like it's deeply nourishing my epidermis.