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Natural Bath Products


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Indulge in organic luxury with Pristine Planetís all natural bath products. Refresh your mind and body with our selection of delectable and soothing concoctions for your shower and bath. Choose from oils, soap, lotions and other pure bath products.

Choose from the finest assorted of organic bath products like Simmonís Special Soap. We love the Lemon Shea Butter bar, a luxurious combination of Shea butter and citrus for rejuvenated and moisturized cook. Our Tea Tree and Green Clay soap is made for acne and blemish prone skin, so gentle you can use it on your face.

The selection of organic soap is so diverse you are sure to find a favorite. We even carry vegan items like the Sweet Vegan Bakery Bar, made with olive oil and organic coconut. You will smell like cookies. If you love long bubble baths, Woodland Bath Salts will turn your simple ritual into an exercise in indulgence or Little Twigís Tangerine Bubble Bath.

We also carry natural bath and massage oils for every skin type like our Moroccan Blue Chamomile Body Oil. Body oils are perfect for dry skin that needs a little extra love when it comes to moisture. Slather this on after your bath for natural, baby-soft skin.

If you love lotions and cannot get enough of them, you will love our natural bath and body washes and creams. Pair Sea Chiís Rose Geranium Body Lotion with its body wash to smell like a rich garden after a rain shower. Kassieís Natural Essence Sugar Scrub is perfect for exfoliating and energizing your body after a long day.

We carry everything from organic eau de perfume to environmentally friendly body brushes and loofahs. Our organic bath products make for lovely gifts no matter what the occasion is. After all, who does not want to smell naturally fresh and clean?