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Organic Baby Layette Sets


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Organic Baby Layette Sets

Isn't it fun to see your little angels playing around wearing a layette set. The matching clothes are just so adorable and add to the cuddle factor that your baby already has.

Simple is beautiful. This is also true with clothes for your babies. Make your baby stand out with simple but elegant Mix 'n Match Cut4Cloth Organic Bunny Layette. With simple bunny figures adorning this set, your baby is sure to take his cuteness to a whole new level. Because it is made from 100% soft organic materials, your baby is sure to find this set comfortable to wear.

Find it difficult changing your baby's diaper with layette sets that have pants? Why not use the Organic Infant Gown and Layette Gift Set. With this infant gown, your baby will be comfortably sleeping since their movements will not be restricted. Changing diapers is also easy with this product as there are no pants to pull down.

Add swagger to your baby with the Organic Printed Top and Footed Pants Layette Set. This beautifully designed set is made with 100% organic cotton jersey and is adorned with sunrise prints. The layette set includes a side snap kimono shirt, footed pants, a hat and also a blanket. If you are looking for a set worthy of being called a set, this product is the right one for you.

Make your baby look heavenly with Pure White Organic Layette Essentials. This product is sure to make your baby look like an angel with a pure white layette set. The set is made from only the finest organic interlock cotton.

Keep your baby safe and comfortable only with 100% organic layette sets.

Your baby looks good in everything, but these organic baby layette sets will keep your baby comfortable and looking adorable. And because these are organic and natural layette sets, you'll know your child isn't getting exposed to some of the chemicals used to treat conventional fabrics.