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Natural Aromatherapy Products


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Breathing in the wonderful scents of nature is one way to influence our mental condition. Ambient smells can make us feel alert or relaxed, calm or excited, and we can use that to our advantage. At Pristine Planet, natural aromatherapy options abound.

First on our list of natural aromatherapy products are of course essential oils. These oils can be added to heat diffusers to be released into the air. A room whose air is permeated by the sweet scents of lavender or ylang ylang is relaxing, while eucalyptus or even black pepper add a stimulating quality. You can use these essential oils as part of a relaxing home spa, or in moderate amounts as a scent to maintain productivity. Natural aromatherapy kits and packages are available, so you can save when you buy a bundle.

Our range of plug-in scent diffusers is also great for general deodorizing and odor control. You can buy refills separately so you donít have to throw away the old diffuser unit. The fluid is also biodegradable, so no worries about it polluting the environment! You can also get a small unit suitable for plugging into your carís lighter socket.

Among our range of natural aromatherapy products are incenses and incense resins. Incense is usually used during meditation, rather than for general deodorizing or simple relaxation. Use them when you do yoga or zen meditation.

Another great product that we present is the lavender scented sanitizing towelettes. You can keep your hands and face clean while enjoying the vibrant fragrance of lavender. Itís a great way to refresh yourself both physically and mentally!

Organic aromatherapy products are many and varied, but Pristine Planet brings you some of the best, if not the best. Browse through and pick out the items you want, and get ready for a wondrous olfactory experience.