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Natural And Organic Skin Lotions


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Natural Skin Lotion and Organic Skin Lotion

Nature has provided a plethora of products to nurture and care for our skin. We at Pristine Planet bring together nature’s bounty in the form of natural skin lotions, which are all herbal and organic.

Our range of organic skin lotions include Shea Creams, Shea Butter, Body Creams, Hand Creams, and several refreshing lotions that are natural, organic, and earth friendly.

Whether it is the cool essence of Vanilla Lime, found in our Shea Body Butter Whipped Crème, or the refreshing Citrus flavor found in our Body Lotion, there is a fresh and organic skin lotion for every taste and every skin. Our body balms, butters, and lotions will help your skin retain moisture and even provide it luster.

Our Herb lotions, organic body butters, and natural skin lotions, are great remedies to the effect of harsh toxins that your skin comes in contact with everyday. The gentle soothing effect of our products, when used regularly, will rehydrate your skin, give it a healthy color, as well as nourish it with naturally occurring minerals and vitamins that, over time, have been lost. The end result is a glowing and shiny skin.

Why use harsh chemical based lotions and products when Mother Nature has all you need to care for your skin and keep it looking young and fresh? Use one of our organic skin lotions to see your skin grow younger and more beautiful in only a week of regular use.

With all natural ingredients, essential oils, and herbs, we concentrate on price without compromising on quality. When you use our natural skin lotions or our organic body butters, you are putting back into the environment only what naturally occurs in it and thus are helping save the planet at the same time.

So throw out all those toxic chemical based skin creams and lotions and go back into the lap of Mother Nature today, with Pristine Planet’s range of healthy and natural skin lotions.