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Multi-Color LEDs


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Lights in your home are so easy to forget about but not when you realize that they are actually responsible for ¼ of the total cost for your monthly electricity bill.

Come Christmas time, however, your electricity bill is sure to spike up as you start putting up holiday décor. More likely than not, much of your décor would involve Christmas lighting. Considering the above figure, however, you are sorely tempted to celebrate the Yuletide season in darkness in order to increase your budget for Christmas shopping.

Thanks to the creation of LED technology, you do not need to resort to such desperate measures. Take advantage of multi-colored Christmas lights and you will enjoy increased energy savings and, consequently, lower electricity bills as well. These multi-colored Christmas lights also make the most practical investment since they have a lengthier lifespan compared to fluorescent lighting, incandescent bulbs and even CFLs.

Here at Pristine Planet, we have an exciting range of multi-colored LEDs for you to choose from. Our all-around LED light sets feature five different colors: red, orange, blue, green, and yellow. These multi-colored LEDs can be placed anywhere inside and outside your home and are guaranteed to bring a festive atmosphere to your house during the holidays. The multi-colored Christmas lights also boast of several designs to choose from, such as lights shaped like icicles, strawberries, and raspberries.

If you want a multi-colored Christmas light display that is meant to impress, however, then consider purchasing the C6 Strawberry 70-string Multi-Color LED set that includes an eight-function controller. Use it to have your lights twinkle like stars or display all eight movements. Just take your pick on how you want this multi-colored LED set to brighten up your home.

Whichever multi-colored Christmas lights you do choose, just remember that while all of them come with their own sets of coaxial cables, none of them come with the power plug needed to bring them to life.