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Mini Ecosystems


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Miniature ecosystems are basically a miniature of the world we are living in your very own self-sustaining Earth. A miniature ecosystem is perhaps the ultimate gift to give to a passionate naturalist, one that can serve as a lifelong hobby and at the same time a portable classroom where you can learn a new lesson about nature and life every day.

Here at Pristine Planet, we have one of the best miniature ecosystems in the market today with the BlueIQ mini ecosystem. It is fully customizable and can take whichever shape or form you fancy. The Earth is the best machine of all complex and simple at the same time and able to remain constantly beautiful even as it provides life to a wide number of living creatures.

To start your own ecosystem, you will be given a choice of which BlueIQ livestock you wish to care for. These will serve as the primary inhabitants of the compact world you have created. You will also be given choices as to what kind of plants you would like to bloom in your miniature ecosystem and what kind of substrate will serve as its earth or ground the main source of nutrients and life for your flora and fauna.

These miniature ecosystems are designed to be as self-sustaining as possible and low-maintenance. There are very few things you would have to do to interfere. The creatures in this miniature ecosystem are a wonder to observe.