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Mini Solar Panels


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Solar technology can turn the sun’s rays into a limitless and renewable source of energy that you can utilize for your home and appliances. Pristine Planet gives you ready made solar cells in all sizes to use in experiments, motors, as batteries and many more.

A mini solar panel can be an essential part of a science experiment or for building your own solar projects. These can easily be connected, inserted into existing designs or used alone. The Mini Solar Panel with DC motor automatically converts solar energy into a direct current for you. You can also try our mini solar modules, which are guaranteed to be unbreakable. Put them together to create your own solar area.

We also have Sunlinq’s 12w PV Module which is composed of thin solar cells. This handy, lightweight and foldable product can actually charge your cell phone and other electronic devices. This product folds into a small shape and can be used even if the weather is cloudy. It can charge anything you use your car battery charger for. Instead of plugging into your car, use the awesome power of the sun.

This has been proven to be stable and highly efficient. Use Sunlinq’s Foldable panels when you go camping, out of town or even at home to save on your electric bill. Sunlinq technology is currently being used in space and large solar panel installations. UV resistant and completely weatherproof, this Sunlinq Module is the answer to your energy needs.

More and more people are turning to the sun for their energy needs. With solar technology becoming simpler, easier and more available, using solar panels even for simple things can help reduce your carbon emissions and footprint by reducing the amount of electricity and gas you use. Take the extra step by installing solar paneling in your roof and feel the difference.