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Natural Face Powder


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Using make-up to accentuate one’s fabulous features has been done by women (and sometimes men) for centuries and this trend has no hope of dying out anytime soon.

One make-up trend that needs to die out however is the use of toxic chemicals on products that you will be smudging artfully on your face. Imagine putting poisonous ingredients over your skin on a daily basis, doesn’t it make you a bit squeamish?

We at Pristine Planet understand that applying make-up is essential for some people that is why we’ve put together a wonderful line of natural face powder and eye make-up products that are guaranteed to enhance your features, hide imperfections and blemishes while maintaining a healthy chemical-free skin.

Dare to try out Mineral Hygienics face powders and illuminizers to show off your flawless skin. These all-natural and organic make-up products will have you glowing and beaming from across the street in a very good way.

Prepare to stop traffic and cause a commotion when people see you walking past them. The Terra Firma setting powder will reduce the appearance of acne, wrinkles and dry skin. This amazing natural face powder works with any and all skin tones and can be used together with other make-up products for a truly timeless and classic look.

Are you interested in dabbling into make-up application? Mineral Hygienics has the product that’s just for you! Grab the Mineral Hygienics Startup Kit and get started. The kit includes 3 types of Foundation, a Mineral Enhancer, a Mineral Finishing Powder, essential make-up brushes and a detailed how-to guide to give a simple tutorial. This affordable product is 100% all-natural.

To complete your look, purchase an Eye Shadow Mineral Powder that can last you for a long, long time. This natural face powder is made from minerals that do not sustain bacterial growth making the powder safe to use until it runs out, even if it takes years.

So go ahead, doll yourself up for a chic party or a simple walk around the park. Get used to attracting attention like a celebrity though because it will happen often.