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Men Lounge Pants


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Put your well-clad legs up with Pristineís Planetís comfortable and organic selection of menís lounge pants. Lounge pants are sadly ignored as part of the modern manís wardrobe. But that should not be the case! What else will you wear while you sip your manly beer and watch your favorite show? We will never tell if it happens to be Americaís Next Top Model.

A pair of lounge pants is not just for sleeping. A stylish and comfortable one can also double as dog walking pants, errand pants or looking cool while gardening pants. We love the Bamboo Dreams lounge pants, made from organic bamboo and just a little spandex to get that great give. Bamboo lounge pants are super soft and so comfy you may never wear your favorite pair of jeans again.

For the active man who loves martial arts or yoga, we recommend the 100% organic cotton Action Pants. This lounge pant features an elastic drawstring waist, wide legs and the coolest, most breathable fabric around. Choose between black and natural colors and add this to your wardrobe. If you prefer sports or running, try 4-rthís Eco-Track Pant so you can roll straight out of bed and start that half mile before going to work. They are great for the gym too or those lazy Sundays when you cannot be bothered to take a shower.

Organic lounge pants do not just come alone. For those cold nights, try Coyuchiís Organic Flannel Pajamas, which are made from hypoallergenic cotton sourced from India. You will love the coconut wood buttons and sophisticated effect of this pair. We also have a pair of silk pajamas for the man who just needs silk against his skin.

With our stylish menís lounge pants, you will never be ashamed when someone suddenly drops by again. Relax in the height of style.