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LED Spotlight Bulbs


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At Pristine Planet, we love energy efficiency. After all, the less electricity we use, the less fossil fuels or fissionable matter will be required in power plants. Flood lights and spotlights are big and powerful, but also consume a lot of electricity. The next time your floodlights burn out, consider buying LED spotlight bulbs – in fact, why wait for them to burn out?

LED technology is rapidly advancing and now these hardy energy-efficient lights are available in a wide variety of colors. Recent advancements have made them even brighter per unit. An LED Par38 spotlight, made of many LEDs, will be as bright as a halogen lamp of equal size, but will consume less electricity.

Older types of bulbs and lamps consumed a lot of electricity because a good portion of it was wasted as heat energy. With an LED Par38 spotlight you get a higher power-to-light conversion ratio, which is why it consumes less electricity. It also means a far lower risk of fire, as LED spotlight bulbs produce almost no heat.

Choose a 1.5 watt LED spotlight from the range of colors available: pure white, warm white, red, green, purple, blue, and yellow. They will also outlast any incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent lamps by years or even decades, so that means you won’t have to buy and replace as often.

These LED spotlight bulbs may seem expensive, but as LED manufacturing technology and popularity increases, the price goes down too. In addition to that, the savings you make on the reduced amount of consumed electricity will easily pay for the bulbs, even within one year.

These LED spotlight bulbs are perfect for accent lighting. However, if you want something more diffuse, such as for room lighting, then LED lamps of those types are also available. We at Pristine Planet think that the future with LED lights is looking bright!