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Low Flow Sink Aerators


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For the widest selection of aerators, check out these products for your garden. The aerator pond water fountain with one and a half horse power completes the look of your home's lake, pond or fountain. The aerator pond water is visually arresting piece of equipment is also very powerful. It helps control the growth of algae in your pond or lake fixtures and promotes a vibrant and balanced aquatic environment.

The 1.5 gallon per minute faucet aerator which is styled with designer features is a good choice for your lake or pond. It is built in with 2 spray options that helps reduce by 30% your water usage compared to ordinary faucet aerators. It comes in two classic colors: white and chrome, which complements your water fixtures. It is stylish and functional, great to have if you want to save up on water consumption.

The pressure compensator is non-removable and supplies a consistent water output no matter what the pressure is. The two functions are the bubble stream which is aerated and a needle spray pattern which is splash free. The spray pattern makes twenty different streams. The aerator is lead-free. The ball joint of the POM poly ball has a 360 degree swivel and has a rubber nozzle for hassle-free decalcification and cleaning. The brass connection of the aerator has two threads.

The sleek and modern style of the aerator runs on 1.5 gallons per minute and makes it a great addition to your kitchen. You have a choice between a needle spray and a bubble spray with a quick pull and push of the aerator's body. The water's jet ways is made of soft rubber that makes it hassle free and easy to clean. The aerator has a valve for pausing which allows the quick and efficient shut-off of water.

Are you looking for a simple way to save water? Aerators are the answer. A low flow aerator can save thousands of gallons over its lifetime and you'll never miss a thing. Save even more water and money with an ultra low flow kitchen faucet aerator. Sink aerators are super simple to install and use so it's an easy and effective way to save money and the planet.