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Kid's Water Bottles


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Pristine Planet gives your kids the colorful eco-conscious alternative to bottled water with our small water bottles. Your favorite reusable bottles are now available in kid-friendly sizes, designs and colors. Prevent landfill overflow by switching to reusable kidís water bottles. There reusable bottles are not as bulky as plastic jugs and can easily slip into a backpack to bring to school. They are the right size to fit in a lunchbox or pail.

Conventional water bottles and even plastic jugs can contain harmful chemicals like Bisphenol-A that can leach into water or juice drinks. Others use petrochemical based plastics that are potentially carcinogenic. Keep your childís drinking water as safe and pure as possible with one of our small water bottles. Save money too with a reusable kidís water bottles. Your kid will not have to spend lunch money on sugary, sweetened drinks at the school cafeteria and you will save hundreds of dollars on bottled water.

Our kidís water bottles are made from safe materials that have absolutely no BPA or other contaminants that could leak into your childís drink. Sigg Reusable Drinking Bottles are completely recyclable and perfect for the active kid. Choose from SpongeBob Squarepants, Lillafee and other colorful designs. Children water bottles come in perfect small sizes so you never waste a container of juice or water. They are extremely easy to clean tooójust pop them in the dishwasher.

Try Klean Kanteenís stainless steel children water bottles. They come in sporty caps or loop caps that can easily clip onto a bag strap for easy transport. They come in bright, happy colors that are easy to spot even in a big bag. Every kid size Klean Kanteen bottle is as safe as its adult counterparts.

Bring it to school, soccer practice or on play dates. Keep your kid hydrated with our kidís water bottles.