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Children’s bedrooms tend to be like dreamlands but they are also often a nightmare for your bank account. Here at Pristine Planet, however, we present you an exciting collection of vibrantly designed kid chairs that can make lovely accent pieces in your room but at the same time serve a practical function as well.

Of the various types of children’s chairs we have here in our website, we are particularly proud about our selection of Bobles chairs. This company is best known for its pop art looks and stacked design which can provide not just a seating area but a unique play space as well for your kids.

There are lots of Bobles to choose from so we suggest that you and your kids sit back and take your time exploring the many Bobles designs we have displayed in our site. You want to make sure that the size of the chair will comfortably fit your child but at the same time be large enough to accommodate your child as he continues to grow in the next few years.

Something that is just the exact size for your kids is just not the most practical investment to make. An example of a kid chair set that your child can enjoy even in the years to come is the Krooom Stooobe Kid Set. It comes with a pair of stools that boasts of 100% recyclable and reinforced cardboard construction as well as an exciting and fun design that your children are sure to love. Even better, this wonderful kid chair set comes with a completely foldable system that makes it a perfect travel accessory.

Another popular item from this section is the Tumbling Worm Chair. It comes in varying and alternating shades of turquoise and if the time comes that your child outgrows its size, it can still serve as the perfect accessory for your kids’ bedrooms.