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Organic Kapok Filled Pillows


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Kapok Pillows

Sometimes, having the right pillow can make a major difference in your sleeping posture, which affects your ability to sleep and your body's performance the following day.

There are many pillows available which boast good body support, but for the environmentally conscious consumer, an eco friendly kapok pillow may be the ticket. All Natural Kapok pillows with 100% cotton soft covering are all natural, hypo-allergenic organic pillows hand tufted using tropical Kapok fiber with absolutely no chemicals used. Kapok is a very light and fluffy fiber made from tree seeds, and makes for an amazingly comfortable yet firm pillow filling. Covered with 100% organic cotton, Kapok fiber pillows come in different sizes: 20 x 26 (Standard) and 20 x 36 (King).

Other choices are Cuddledown feather down bed pillows, which are filled with the softest European goose down.his luxurious pillow is all natural and washing machine safe. This pillow comes in a variety of sizes: standard 20"x26"; queen 20"x30"; king 20"x36"; and European 26"x26".

In addition to Kapok natural pillows, LOOP Organic Birch Accent Pillows are also a natural, chic, sassy and eco-friendly product.The branch design on each pillow is hand screen-printed onto hemp which mimics and feels like fine linen.Each pillow is also stuffed with sustainable Kapok, providing a deluxe feel of down feathers without the need for feathers.Square pillows measure approximately 17"x17", and rectangle pillows, 12"x21".

Lastly, Labyrinth hand embroidered pillows create an airy net that infuses natural linen with a contemporary feel.They have beautifully earthly designs matching nearly any bedding and home fashion.The removable cover is machine washable, and comes with a kapok insert.Pillows measure 14" X 18".

Kapok pillows are a great natural pillow option for your green bedroom. Sustainably harvested, kapok is a really soft cotton like fiber that is a great natural pillow filling. Kapok pillows are a great way to keep the toxins away from your skin while you sleep. Some of these kapok pillows even have organic cotton covers, making them even better for your green bedroom.