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Housewarming Gift Ideas


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The best housewarming gifts do not just come from the heart. They also come from the Great Mother herself, Nature. These are the kind of gifts that Nature never shed tears of sadness or grief for, and they will surely bring good luck to the homes they adorn.

If you are lacking on housewarming gift ideas for your new neighbour, there is no need to worry since we have here at Pristine Planet one of the loveliest collections of housewarming gifts that are sure to make your neighbours pleased to have your acquaintance. And yes, they will certainly say that to you with complete sincerity once they see what you have for them.

One popular example from our eco housewarming collection is the Signature Songbird Feeder from Goods for the Garden. This unique and lovely handcrafted feeder is clearly a labour of love. The feeder is made of recycled glass which is made more dazzling by its sapphire blue color. Once it catches a reflection of sunlight, this feeder will burst into life with playful light effects.

Birding enthusiasts will also love the beautiful antique brass tray it comes with together with a matching iron hook for easy installation. Best of all, however, is the fact that purchasing this exquisite feeder will not only bring a smile to your neighbors but also to the organization it supports Public Gardens Potters for Peace.

In any case, it would always do best to keep in mind that the ideal eco friendly housewarming gift is also heart-warming. Pay close attention to what your new neighbors appear to be most fond of instead of settling for something mediocre or generic.

Those who love to host house dinners or indulge in a little aromatherapy session here and there is sure to find a perfect spot for a Bambeco Solano Candle Holder Set. A perfect complement to this would be the Sea Stone Stone Wine Gift Set to impress their guests.