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Eco Friendly Holiday Decorations


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Eco Friendly Holiday Decor

Why only wish for a white Christmas when you make it green too? Make the angels sing higher with our selection of eco friendly holiday decorations. Choose from a wide selection of charming eco friendly holiday décor.

Want to make your eco friendly Christmas tree shine even brighter? Adorn it with a Paper Mache Bell Ornament that is certain to add a touch of glamour to your tree. You can't go wrong with its wonderful shade of blue with an intricate floral design. Each design is lovingly handmade in India.

You will also find a selection of eco friendly Christmas trees designed to make the heart grow fonder. Now you can spend Christmas Eve roasting chestnuts by the open fire while admiring your eco friendly Christmas ornaments. Turn your house into a winter wonderland with the wonderful decors available for you. Nothing warms the heart more than natural Christmas ornaments. Find joy in lighting up your family's faces with these environmentally friendly Christmas decorations.

Instead of a white Christmas make your holidays green this year. Try out a Fair Trade Christmas Brass Wreath Ornament that is fairly traded. Every product bought donates a share of the proceeds to charity. It is a great way to share your blessings this Christmas.

You can also get a Christmas Star Brass Ornament with an Angel. Your conscience shines brighter this Christmas when you know that each product bought gives a portion to charity. These products are carefully made by hand all the way from Nepal.

Each of these handcrafted Christmas ornaments are sure to brighten up your Christmas nights. Even when it's cold outside, you will definitely feel the warmth of love and good cheer inside. With these beautiful and warmth filled creations for your home, your Christmas is sure to be cheerier and greener!

Looking for eco friendly holiday decor? Check out these LED Holiday lights, ornaments, garland and more. Make this year a Green Christmas! Eco friendly Christmas Stockings, Garland, Green Holiday Candles, Holiday Wreaths, Nativity Scenes and Ornaments are available.