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At PristinePlanet.com, it is not just about keeping the planet as clean as you can, but also about keeping your insides as clean as you can. Nothing beats a good course of natural detoxification, which is easily achievable with our selected products.

Many people use herbal tea detox methods, which are easy and also capable of adding other desired effects. For example, the Immuni Tea Detox Kit from eSutras not only helps you cleanse your gut; it also improves immunity by boosting the body’s own immune and regenerative capabilities. It is a fragrant tea worth drinking on its own, but when used alongside the included cleansing products, the result is a sublime feeling of inner cleanliness and health.

For those looking for a simple, one-step natural detoxification process, there’s the Detox Quicker tea. This one tea helps you get clean from the inside by helping your liver rid itself of the toxins that build up in it, and excrete those unwanted substances. In addition to that, it helps the intestines pass the waste along for an easier time on the porcelain throne.

If what you are looking for is a mild daily herbal tea detox, then Solay Tea Therapy Organic Daily Detox Tea is perfect for you. This will draw out toxins and keep you regular without going overboard.

One detox product that some health-conscious people swear by is kombucha. Not to be confused with the Japanese kombucha (which is made from kombu seaweed), this is a tea fermented with yeast and bacteria. The result is an effervescent drink that can provide many health benefits. Here at PristinePlanet.com, we offer a couple such products. For those who want to make their own organic detox kombucha, we offer a starter culture.

Get clean and maintain your health with these selected products.