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Organic & Natural Maternity Clothes


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Natural and Organic Maternity Clothes

While waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive, you have to take good care of yourself. This does not only mean eating healthy; it also means looking the part. You can brighten your pregnancy glow by wearing organic maternity clothes. Who said that you have to be stuck wearing those not-so-attractive maternity clothes for the duration of your pregnancy? Don these organic maternity clothes and give your morning sickness a run for its money because your pregnancy will not bring you down.

Bloom like a red rose in this 3-in-1 Butterfly Maternity Wrap from Bamboobies! This versatile piece of clothing can be used as a shawl, as a skirt, or as a cover-up. The good thing about this is that you can use it even after you give birth. And the best part of this wrap is that, like many organic maternity clothes, it is made from organic and non-toxic materials so it safe for you and the environment.

You don't have to look like a sack of rice through your pregnancy. There are a lot of eco friendly maternity clothes that will cater to your style and needs. Try the Maternity Camisole from Maternitique and take your daily strolls or prenatal yoga in comfort and style. This camisole is made with stretchy jersey and built-in bra to accommodate your belly's continued growth for the next nine months.

Do you need a something to wear for a company cocktail and you can't decide between a dress or a skirt? Well, get them both in this Convertible Maternity Dress from Maternitique. You can be the apple of everybody's eyes in a knee-length strapless dress or you can combine it with a pretty blouse and turn it into a mid-calf skirt.

If you feel like wearing pants, you can still use it as a long shawl. Fashion, comfort and environmental awareness wrapped in one versatile maternity dress, now thatís going the extra mile!

These organic maternity clothes will let you stay an eco fashionista all the way through your pregnancy. You can find organic cotton maternity tops, organic stretch maternity lounge pants and even organic hospital gowns for the delivery (gotta be better than the hospitals gowns).