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If you need recycled totes for your shopping and grocery needs check out this wide selection of eco friendly totes that will turn shopping into a no-plastic zone for you. There are also organic totes including a set that is good for your entire family. Find 2 large-sized produce bags made from organic cotton, 2 large sized terra tote bags for shopping and 3 deluxe terra totes. The all green shopping bags have enough room to carry your entire family's grocery needs. The bags are safe to use for washing machine and are best when line dried.

A mesh and long handled version of the reusable recycled bag is now available. It has a new smart and stylish look, made from 55% recycled materials. The bag is foldable into a compact pouch so that you maximize on space. You can tuck the folded shopping bag in your purse and simply unfold it when it is time to do the grocery. It is fuss-free and minimizes the use of plastic bags which simply clog landfills. The recyclable shopping bag is the smart solution for doing your grocery.

You can give the reusable grocery bag as a gift and share your eco friendly way of doing grocery. The mesh design makes it cool to use even for non-shopping days. The nylon mesh is made with eco circle fabric, from a recycling system developed for polyester products. It is also lightweight and 100% tear proof, designed to carry even your heaviest grocery load, up t 25 pounds. If you need to clean it up, simply toss in a washing machine and dryer, it will be as good as new. The bag is made using fair trade and labor practices.

The recyclable product bag has long handles which balances easily on your shoulder even when packed with groceries. It is also backed up by a lifetime guarantee so you know it will join you for many shopping days ahead.

These recycled and organic totes are perfect for when you need to carry more than an armful. You'll love the eco friendly totes Pristine Planet has from all over the web. Choosing one of these unique totes will be a great conversation starter as you tote it around.

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I purchased this tote at a garden fair in Oklahoma in April. It is colorful, strong, sturdy (stands upright), and a Free Trade item. It is great for heavier items such as books but I use it for groceries because it is easily wiped out with a damp cloth. The flat bottom surface can easily hold 3 half-gallon milk containers and additional items as well. Or you could stack six dozen eggs (in cartons, please) topped with fresh parsley and farmers market tomatos. Carry your other reusable grocery bags in it or you could fold it in half and stash it (but it's way too pretty!) I have had so many great compliments on it. While on vacation in August, I ended up giving it to my niece, a new mom who needed even MORE space for her babies things. It's perfect for that too! When I got home, I went on line to find myself another one, but this time I think I'll get two or three, I just know someone is going to need one of them.