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Eco Friendly Area Rugs


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Eco Friendly Area Rugs

Try the Kashmir Jute which has the silky curls of Coir and the lustrous and rich strands of Jute. These are both natural fibers that are extra durable and woven side by side to come up with this original and attractive design. It is recommended for you to use mild soap and water when cleaning spots.

For a beautiful complement to a room, furnish with a Jute Natural rug. This natural area rug is harvested from a special plant fiber which occurs plentifully. These soft and long fibers are woven to make alluring rugs. They are fixed with a backing made of non-slip latex to keep them securely in place.

Take a look at the Seagrass Khaki Border if you want a touch of coziness to your space. These rugs are woven from a special marine grass which grows abundantly. The fibers are smooth, thick and flat and are extra durable. Say goodbye to unnatural fiber rugs made with synthetic materials and go earth friendly with the Seagrass Khaki Border rugs.

For the best in quality Jute, try the Natural Jute Area rugs which are 100% organic. To ensure a perfect quality, the rugs are washed well which softens the yard and brushed some more to make a lustrous shine. Jute is an abundant resource that Is quickly renewable. It is known for its durability, strength and anti-microbial properties. Choose from a selection of earth tones and unique patterns to bring a sense of elegance and calm to any living space.

Natural Sisal Rugs, which are carefully hand woven specialties, suit and home décor of all kinds whether classic or modern. They are elegant and simple area rugs with different color options for the border. You are sure to find a match for any room you put them in. They are made with a backing made of natural latex to keep them in place.

When you're creating a green home, it can sometimes be hard to find just the right area rug that is both eco friendly and beautiful. Fortunately, the Pristine Planet have brought the best eco friendly area rugs from around the web. There are recycled area rugs, wool area rugs and other natural fiber area rugs like agave fibers, jute and hemp.