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We all suffer from aches and pains. A day of yard work, intense workouts or even playing can leave many of us feeling stiff and sore. Many people choose to take over the counter pain medications for these daily pains, but you prefer to take a healthier approach. Thatís why you want to use one of the many effective and safe topical therapeutic balms that are available today.

Healing balms are a great way to help naturally soothe problems such as dry, chapped skin. They are safe and effective, without harsh chemicals that so many other products have out there. This type of balm uses the healing powers of herbs and natural oils to help you have healthy, beautiful skin.

Consider Badger healing balm can help to heal chapped dry skin and is gentle enough for the most sensitive types of skin. This is the balm to have on hand for even the youngest members of the family and it comes at a great price, too.

If you struggle with sore muscles, then you might want to try one of our many natural sore muscle balms. These rubs penetrate deep into the muscle to help soothe pain and discomfort and get you up and running again. Since they are natural, you can use them as much as you like with no worry of stomach upset or negative side effects.

No matter what your need, there is a therapeutic balm to help keep you comfortable and looking your best all the time. Plus, since they are all natural and safe, you can feel good about using them as much as you need to.

Comments for Healing Balms

I absolutely love the All Natural Plantain First Aid Ointment. I had a sunburn so bad I couldn't stand the pain. I was desperate to try anything so I rubbed this all over my arms. To my amazement, it took the pain away. Of course then I read the lid and it said it could be used on a sunburn. This porduct is wonderful and I can honestly say it can be used for what it says. This is something I want to keep on hand at all times and I am even taking it on vacation with us just in case.

We are very happy with the products - the complete rash ointment works great! After years of presciption medications for excema - we finally found a product that works fast without any harsh chemicals, within a few days the rash cleared right up! We are loving the golden ointment for dry, chapped hands and feet. The face lotion for day and the night cream are awesome - they leave your face feeling moisturized without feeling greasy. There is an ointmnet for bee stings and mosquito bites - works fast - almost instant relief. We have enjoyed all of the products that we have ordered and can't wait to try more!

I have very sensitive skin and have a rash on my hands. The Pure Jewel Weed Ointment has helped me alot. It feels very soothing. I have had a difficult time finding jewel weed ointment without essential oils that may be irritating to my skin. The service I received was excellent. My husband has a rash from wild parsnips and has been using the All Natural Plantain First Aid Ointment. It has helped the itch and is drying up.

I was working outside our house around the propane tank when I was stung by a large paper wasp on my hand. It was very painful and began to swell immediatly. I ran in the house and showed the bite to my wife, she suggested that I try the Mt.Of Olives, Plantain Ointment on it. I was amazed but relieved first, within a few momments all the evidence had disappeared without a trace, no spot, no redness, no pain. It was quite remarkable because when I have been similarly stung in the past I have had lingering reactions. Good-bye bagbalm I use this nem product for everthing except burns, for them I use the Aloe & Honey Burn ointment. I had an occasion to be burned by some hot soup from the microwave, some grease slopped out into the palm of my hand. The onintment took away the pain without blistering which I was sure it was going to. I've never expirienced products like these before, where I could pronouce and recognize all the ingredients on the label. Keep up the good work.