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When it comes to choosing the right wrapping paper, you might want to select a wrapping paper that has a classical design which can be suitable for all types of occasions. An example of this would be wrapping paper with striped designs. These striped gift wraps, with a pleasing combination of shades of pink, green, and red, also come with generously large proportions, being 44% bigger than most standard wraps.

Sometimes, it would also be fun to have the wrapping paper just as dazzling as the gift that lies inside it. An example of this would be the brilliant floral recycled gift wrap, which boasts of exquisitely and vividly colored blooms printed on an evening black setting.

For something more exotic, consider a Jaipur gift wrap. This type of wrap is made in Thailand but its designs are based on a woman's sari and its rich details in laidback town of Jaipur, India.

Holiday wrapping paper may of course be recycled or organic as well. A fine example of this would be the eco friendly Christmas jazz recycled gift wrap, with each set containing a pair of 24" x 36" sheets made more pleasant by its 100% post-consumer fiber. They also tend to offer chlorine-free construction and use only vegetable-based ink for its printing and patterns. The manufacturer also promises to plant a single tree in exchange of sales of at least ten tickets.

With Christmas overpowering just about anything in December, it is easy to forget about the birthdays that happen to fall in the same month. You need not worry about running out of gift wrapping paper, though. Birthday sea creatures gift wraps are designed to please both little boys and girls. They are produced from recycled office and home paper.

Unique handmade wrapping paper can make an important present even more special. Selecting unique gift wrapping paper shows you care a lot about the recipient. When you choose unique eco wrapping paper you show you also care a lot about the earth. Recycled gift wrap is often handmade gift wrap that is as unique as the recipient.

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Such gift wrapping papers are made in jaipur as the name suggests.The eco-friendly ,wood free hand made paper is printed either by screen or hand block.To save environment the use of such paper should be encouraged.I found this field so attractive that i resigned my job and started making such papers.

This wrapping paper is beautiful and durable. However, it's really only enough to wrap one mid-size gift or two small gifts.

This is the most beautiful wrapping paper I have ever seen!