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Eco Phone Cases


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Protect your phone from wear and tear with Pristine Planet’s eco phone cases. You never have to sacrifice style with our trendy and durable phone protectors. Never worry about scratches, spills or dirt again. You should never be without stylish eco phone case. It keeps your phone looking as new as the day you bought it.

Women will love our Reveal Mia iPhone 4 case. Are you tired of those bulky iPhone cases that never fit in your purse? This slim covering comes with a keychain and wristlet for multifunctional use. Each case is manufactured using non-toxic linen and recycled leather. The elegant design is finished with recycled plastic that looks and feels exactly like sateen.

The Hemp Video Media Eco Phone Case uses durable sustainable hemp and is an organic solution to your protector needs. If you want a case made with completely natural material, this is the perfect pick for you. You will love the feel of hemp and the easy way you can clip it to your belt or bag.

Loop it through your belt or hang it on your bag. A recycled phone case like the CP Cell Phone case, made from reclaimed plastic bags, looks and feels like leather but uses no animal skin. Choose from trendy designs like pink or blue newsprint and milk pouch.

A handmade phone case like Rebagz’ Cell Sitter uses recycled juice packs in a unique way. Each piece is hand woven and one of a kind. Rebagz gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of designs like The Keeper and Cell Sitters. Keeper designs are made from recycled rice sacks and are sturdy enough to last through years of use.

Keep your phone looking great with a distinctively different eco phone case. Give them as gifts to friends or family. You will never want to be without an eco phone again.