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Natural, Recycled & Handmade Invitations


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Get creative with your recycled paper wedding invitations. Choose invitations that are made from environmentally friendly resources combined with modern designs. The finely crafted paper makes each invitation appealing as they are eco friendly. You can choose from a wide variety of shapes and sizes; fold-over cards, classic panel cards or all-in-ones which do not require the use of an envelope.

You can make your handmade invitations unique by personalizing your choice of paper with your own design, font, color and theme. Choose from Grow-A-Note which is plantable paper, handmade papers or Hemp Heritage paper. All of these are environmentally friendly and one of a kind that will surely make a statement.

This selection of handmade paper invitations is sure to delight your guests. Whether you are inviting them to a bar mitzvah, a bridal shower, a wedding ceremony, an anniversary party or any other special occasion, the finished product is sure to be personalized according to your specifications. Each card will be as memorable as the day itself.

The inverted fern panel design can be designed with a text only format to add an elegant touch. Each invitation may be personalized with your choice of fonts, soy-based ink colors and paper. Go through the selection of handmade papers and choose from Hemp Heritage, handmade specialty or Grow-A-Note papers. RSVP cards are available in A2 size and can be made with a matching design.

The all in one design brings together the reply card along with the invitation in one sheet of handmade specialty paper with seed embedded in it. It can fold up to a standard A2 size and has a perforation which is used as a reply card. Guests will simply tear it off and mail it back with no envelopes needed. Your return address is conveniently printed on two locations in the all in one invitation: on the back of the reply card and on the back flap of the invitation.

Eco Friendly invitations have never been more creative. You can find recycled paper invitations, handmade invitations and even invitations inscribed on flattened wine bottles. No matter which eco friendly invitation you choose, you'll make a big impression, and maybe even start a conversation about going green.