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Eco Friendly & Fair Trade Decorative Boxes


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Decorative Boxes

Keep your home neat and tidy with this selection of decorative box ideas. The decorative boxes can spice up any room in an instant. It comes in a set of two boxes that both organize and decorate. It can be used in dorm rooms, offices or any corner of the home. The handmade decorative boxes are made with a surface that is perfect for labeling. It erases easily so you can keep changing the labels without fuss. The cardboard is made from recycled paper and is strong yet light and easy to move around. They are waterproof and require no tools to assemble.

Want to keep your desk free from clutter? Keep your pencils in one of the decorated pencil holders from the selection. The pencil holders come in many adorable animal designs so you can choose the one that best fits your personality. The holders are made by a group El Salvador that works with crafts. By making the products, they are able to support their families financially.

Try using small decorative boxes to organize your space. The boxes come with a lid that can be personalized with a 4x6 sized photo. The box is ideal for storing all your important items so that they dont clutter your space. It is great for keeping jewelry, pens, clips and other personal items. This decorative box is made from recycled cotton collected from different apparel factories. It comes in black, red and brown.

For storing your keepsakes or to give as a gift, try out eco friendly decorative boxes that are made by a group based in Nepal. Each box is made of used paper and cotton materials. The closure of the box is fashioned out of coconut shells. The cooperative from Kathmandu makes handmade paper products out of recycled materials and natural fibers.

The handmade wood boxes are great for keeping all your home and office items in. It is made with fair trade practices and comes in the dimensions of 4x 6 x 2.

Decorative boxes make a beautiful accent in your home, and these eco friendly and fair trade decorative boxes will be a big hit in your home. Big or small, the eco friendly decorative box you select will be perfect for storing items you don't want to be seen, but may need at any moment. Some of these fair trade decor boxes would be great for storing your remotes.