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Eco Friendly Bookmarks


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Eco Friendly Bookmarks

Cuddling up with a new favorite book is a comorfting thing that almost everyone enjoys. The only thing missing is a lovely eco friendly or recycled bookmark to hold your place for when you return. Imagine a bookmark with an inspiring quotation on it to read when you open your book the next time.

The set of seven quotation bookmarks are 100% recycled bookmarks that you can feel good about using. With quotations from famous historical figures like Einstein, Margaret Mead and Mark Twain, inspiration will surely come easy.

Are you looking for a beautifully handmade bookmark to use? The heart bookmarks are 100% handmade with recycled glass from colorful bottles. You can choose from different colors like sky blue, amethyst, tropical water, sunset mixed, forest green, cappuccino brown, sand crystal and green goddess. Don't those colors just sound joyful? These handmade bookmarks with pops of color from the crushed glass are spectacular.

If you are a leather lover you will enjoy the handcrafted bookmarks from Kenya that portray different animals like giraffes, elephants, cheetahs, zebras and lions. The colors are true to life and bring a unique quality to your novel. These hand painted bookmarks show true craftsmanship as well.

Do you want your next bookmark to be eco-friendly? The recycled teak wood eco friendly bookmarks are both smart and beautiful. These handmade bookmarks are all unique and come from Thailand. Each one contains an imprinted pattern on nickel on the top.

Imprinting your organization's message on a bookmark is a smart marketing option, especially when your constituents are eco-conscious. Promotional bookmarks come in a variety of colors and can be made specific to any message or event. The best part is that they are made on 100% recycled card stock. What better way to show you care?

Check out these beautiful fair trade, handmade and recycled bookmarks. There is a bookmark for each of the books you're reading. There are even some bookmarks made from a great renewable resource - elephant dung! Pristine Planet has brought together some really unique bookmarks.