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A woman's bag reveals so much of her personality and fashion sense. If you want to set a statement and stand out from the rest of the crowd, check out our collection of unique eco-friendly clutch bags and handbag clutch designs available in chic and stylish designs. Maybe you are a bold trendsetter or more conservative, either feast your eyes on these lovely clutch bags.

When it comes to stunning recycled clutch purse designs, Mar Y Sol-Gabriella has become a household name. Take a closer look at the Raffia Clutch Bag that presents a wonderful study of feminine flamboyance. This one is definitely a perfect accessory for those hot summer night events. Make sure to check out the rest of their eclectic collection, mostly inspired by the island of Madagascar. Their collection combines innovative designs and the skillful use of natural fibers such as sisal, banana tree bark and penjy reed, making their creations valued collector pieces.

Another great option for candy wrapper clutch is Ecoist Candy Wrapper Bag Luna Bar, the brand known to staunchly support breast cancer research. Available in striking play of bold colors, their bags are beautiful inside and out, giving your that same functional feature you have come to expect from high quality bags in cute and extremely fun colors and designs.

You may have heard about recycled candy wrappers and juice packages used to make bags, but how about one made from old tires? The Recycled Tire "Feather" Bag is definitely a great avant garde piece every eco-chic fashionista would love to own. You can use it to store your cash and credit cards or mobile phone or for every imaginable purpose. If you have an eye for style and a real appreciation for ec-friendly product, you definitely got to have one of these striking creations.

Need a great eco friendly clutch bag to match your eco fashionista sensibilities? You're going to love these clutch bags. You'll find recycled juice pack clutches as well as clutch bags made from other unusual eco friendly materials. You can also get a fair trade clutch so you know the people who made them were paid a fair price.