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Any moment of awkwardness between the bride & the groom and guests should be scrupulously avoided as they will only mar what is supposed to be the most special occasion for two persons’ lives.

Weddings are the occasion for people to fall in love and stay in love, and it is certainly not the occasion to feel hesitant about attending because you do not know how much you are able to spend for a wedding gift or you do not know how to tell your guests that you do not want another set of cooking ware.

Here at Pristine Planet, we want your big day to be free from any flaws – we want the whole occasion to proceed as smoothly as the bride’s glide down the aisle to meet her beloved and soon-to-be husband.

That is why we have prepared a selection of websites that can serve as your eco wedding’s gift registry. Unlike other registries, these purely operate online, making it convenient for all your guests (and leaving them with no alibi as well) to choose from the items that you have personally selected.

If they truly wish you and your partner well, then your guests are sure to be just as delighted you have taken the burden off their shoulders for finding the perfect wedding gift.

Our list of eco registries is not just made up of ordinary green registries, though. What we have here is a list of the best green registries in the Internet. With eco registries, you can be sure you will be able to start your new married life on the right foot: by making Mother Nature smile instead of sending a bolt of lightning to your home as a warning of adding to the world’s pollution.

Here at Pristine Planet, we have shared brief but detailed information on green registries like the Green Bride Guide and Peek a Green to help you make the right choice.