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Green Christmas Lights


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When we think of Christmas, those bright, twinkling lights easily comes to mind. The holidays would not be complete without those tiny blinking lights that seem to wink at you. For many children, seeing Christmas lights can indicate one thing, they would be getting lots of presents soon. But whether you are aged 10 or 50, Christmas will never fail to evoke wonderful memories of home and hearth.

When looking for lights to adorn your trees and home exteriors, you need to consider a number of things. First and foremost, leaving your lights to twinkle all night long can wreck havoc on your electricity bill. Sure, you want to go all out and celebrate the holiday season, but with all the other expenses lined up, you definitely can do without having to contend with an increase in electricity consumption.

The wonderful news is you donít have to pass up on those twinkling ornaments. Here at Pristine Planet, we offer a great number of green LEDs, all beautifully designed to complement your Christmas decor. The great thing about using green LED lights is the fact that it is known to efficiently cut down up to 90% electricity utilization compared to the traditional tungsten bulbs.

But aside from significantly bringing down your electricity bill, green LED Christmas lights can also lessen your carbon footprint. That means you can also contribute in the fight against global warming. Whatís more, green LEDs are more durable so you donít have to constantly worry about replacing burnt out bulbs from your whole strand.

Our selection of green Christmas lights has been a primary choice among environmentally conscious homeowners. The Green Strawberry LED 25 Light Set is one of our popular and in demand products. With skillfully crafted strawberry design, these green LED Christmas lights use cutting edge technology and the patented direct plug-in concept.

Now, with all these options, you can celebrate Christmas in style with your new strand of green Christmas lights without ever having to worry about your electric bill.