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To generate some extra revenue, check out this selection of affiliate programs. Help promote products while making some extra money on your own. Simply refer the products to your family and friends and you can make income if they purchase a product. The wellness and savings partner program is very easy to do. Just send an email with information about the backend program's products. If a purchase is made, you make some money. It is simple and rewarding.

Looking for some extra cash? Try out the green affiliate program and earn as much as 15% commission for sale referrals made from your site. Green affiliate programs allow you to promote organic botanical products of high quality. A buyer forwarded to the affiliate program from your site will make you an instant commission. The system is free and you do not need to sign any contracts so you may discontinue with the program anytime. The graphics and banners are also provided which add content to your website.

The organic affiliate programs from this selection allow you to promote organic and natural lifestyle products on your website. Choose an affiliate program with a customer base that has continuously grown to about 35 million already. Thousands of products have been sold from about 200 manufacturers and market leaders. Most of the products from the affiliate program are necessities and are regularly purchased. You can make a commission of 10% for every product sold.

Affiliate programs are simple ways for you to place advertisements on your website. Get extra earnings with an affiliate program. It provides you with product images along with an accompanying brief text for your site. If a buyer makes a purchase after being forwarded by your site, you earn a commission. The program offers skin care products that are natural and organic. Simply promote natural products that use organic ingredients for the hair, skin and face on your site. Everytime someone buys a product, you will get a commission.

Make extra money by joining a sales affiliate program. Add a green campaign to your site and link to the different organic websites that are part of the program. You will be provided with the banner ads, text, logos and images. It is a great way to add an environmental touch to your website and earn on the side too.

Green affiliate programs are a great way to generate revenue on your website. Browse our green affiliate category to find the right stores for your site. A green affiliate program allows you to list products or advertisements for your favorite green stores. It's also a great way to share your enthusiasm for green products.