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Yellow LEDs


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Here at Pristine Planet, we have a lot of Christmas light sets available but out of all of them, there is nothing that better represents the golden stars in the sky than our sets of yellow LEDs.

If you want to create your own constellation of stars in your home for the coming holidays, then feel free to drop by our website and check our latest range of yellow Christmas lights.

Gold is typically a difficult color to use when decorating but they tend to acquire a more charming and cozy feel to them when Christmas season comes in. With gold Christmas lights, your home is immediately transformed into an elegant haven for the most heavenly of Yuletide celebrations.

Our gold Christmas lights are available in a variety of shapes: cones, strawberries, and raspberries as well as mini-ices. Speaking of mini, we also have yellow LEDs that are in standard and miniature sizes to ensure you have the exact type of lighting needed to brighten your home.

If in the end you decide to bring a little more color to your house for the holidays, then feel free to check our collection as well of red and multi-colored LED lighting. One of our most impressive sets not only boasts of five eye-catching colors (red, yellow, orange, green and blue), but it is also equipped with its 8-feature controller.

With the controller, you get to choose from eight different types of lighting effects. You can have the lights twinkle, chase up and down the light string, or perform random effects. You also have the option of configuring the lighting set to display all types of effects.

One last warning: all the LED sets featured in our website are guaranteed to be professionally designed and consisting of high-quality materials. Just keep in mind then that that something this professional also requires careful professional-level installation.