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Are you the type of person who scrutinizes every food purchase by reading the handy list of ingredients at the back? Are you concerned about the amount of chemicals used when processing your food? Pristine Planet carries a line of chemical and GMO-free food for the discerning eco eater. We know you want the best for yourself and your family, so we have a selection of everything from snacks to coffee for you.

Agricultural techniques these days actively promote the use of genetically modified organisms. They directly alter the plant’s genetic structure to make it disease-resistant. They feed animals GMO-feed or growth hormones to make them grow faster and bigger. Many studies and groups express concerns that these hormones are affecting the human body—and not in good ways. The answer here to the problem is GMO free food.

Our wholesome products like Bobo’s Oat Bars are guaranteed free of any GMOs. What you see is what you get, plus each bar is trans-fat free, uses no dairy or refined sugars and is vegan-friendly. Keep these in your office drawer or breakfast table for a quick, healthy pick me up.

Eco food also means organic and natural food choices. Try our organic tea and coffee choices like Bancha Organic Japanese Green Tea, the perfect alternative to coffee with loads of antioxidants to keep your healthy. We carry organic cereal, chocolate, fruit bars and even candies so you never have to sacrifice taste for health.

Man made ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and trans-fat can be dangerous to your health. By choosing chemical free food like those offered by Fiona’s Natural Foods, you make the decision to eat natural and be natural. Try their Lemon Cranberry Quinoa Bars!

Eating organic and choosing eco food is the best choice for you and your family. You can never go wrong with all-natural, all the time.