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Globe CFLs


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Do you have lights that require globe bulbs? Are you having a hard time finding the globe CFL bulbs that your fixtures need but really want to make the switch to energy saving CFLs? We have the globe CFL bulbs that youíre looking for, so you donít have to change your light fixtures to get the energy efficiency youíre seeking anymore.

Until now, CFL globe bulbs were a challenge to get a hold of. Many stores offer different types of CFLs, but finding those that will work with the light fixtures that require globes was quite a challenge. Instead of taking that funky shaped bulb to the store in hopes of finding a CFL replacement, why not shop with us?

CFL globe bulbs are not only eco-friendly and energy efficient, but they come in so many varieties and youíll find youíre not paying much more than you would for the traditional incandescent bulbs that you have been using. Whatís even better is that youíre going to find that many of these globe CFLs last for a full 8,000 hours. That means you could leave these lights on day and night for just shy of a full year before you have to replace these CFL globe bulbs. With regular use, youíll find that these globe CFLs last you for years and that means major energy savings for your household.

When youíre seeking CFL globe bulbs, we are your one stop shop. We offer everything you need to keep even your most finicky lighting shining bright and eco friendly day after day.