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Joining an organic club of the month can give you the best options for your favorite organic beverage or food. Organic clubs offer organic and gourmet selections for a gift that just keeps giving. Pristine Planet invites you to check out our picks for club of the month gifts. Indulge yourself with a membership or give them to a well-deserving family member. Long distance is never a problem and you will never have to worry about shipping again.

An organic beer club is the perfect way to introduce someone to the joys of organic beer (and the beer connoisseur you buy this for will love you). Each month the lucky person gets a six pack sampler from certified organic microbreweries. Each beer is full of natural goodness without any chemical additives or pesticides. Being part of a monthly gift club gives you a surprise every month.

If you are not a beer person, try the Organic Wine Club. You will receive 2 bottles of red or white wine (it is your choice) every month. Maximize the antioxidant potential of your daily glass with organic, premium-quality wine from all over the world. Gift of the month clubs are growing in popularity and we want to provide you with unique and organic options to keep it earth friendly!

We also love the Fair Trade Coffee monthly gift club. We are sure you know a coffee addict or two. Each month you will get two 12 ounce bags of the finest organic coffee around. Not only does this make a wonderful present, it also means that you will be supporting fair trade all over the world. Each package is sent ground so you can start brewing right away.

Not sure about it? Try the 3 month membership and give a monthly gift club a chance. We are sure you will end up upgrading it soon.