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Garden in a Bag

A garden in a bag is the perfect solution to those who don't have enough space for a large garden. If you live in a dorm room or an apartment yet want to put some greenery into your life, this is the perfect solution. Tree in a bag ideas are plenty in this wide selection of handy gardens that will add sunshine and inspiration to any nook or corner. You are able to create an instant wonderland thanks to these garden-in-a-pail, garden in a bag, and Tree in Bag products. These flowers in a bag are sure to be a hit as they instantly lift the mood and bring natures touch wherever you may be.

Did you know that the greenhouse emissions that pollute the air can be offset by planting a tree? You can make a huge difference with this simple act. Make the air around you cleaner and more breathable by planting your own tree today. If you wish to have a tree planted in your name, you can take part of the Plant a Pine Tree - Offset Carbon Dioxide Emissions project by Natures Organic Market. Just purchase a tree and receive a schedule of when it will be planted. You will get a photo of your very own tree as well as its address so that you can visit your very own tree anytime you wish.

Have you ever thought of growing your own organic herb garden? EcoExpress Gifts' Organic Herb Garden Kit can help you get started in no time.

Want your garden to flourish with flowers and butterflies? Get your very own Butterfly Garden Habitat Kit and make this dream become a reality. The kit comes with a collection of beautiful flowers which you may grow in pots or in a garden. These flowers are carefully selected because of their visual appeal and because they are butterfly, bird and bee magnets. The kit comes in a recycled steel case and contains holly hock, cosmos, purple coneflower, butterfly weed, zinnia, borage, Mexican sunflower and other heirloom seeds.

Getting a garden in a bag is perfect if you don't have a lot of room for a big garden, like in an apartment or a dorm room. Put a garden in a bag in your windowsill and watch em grow. Maybe you just want a few fresh herbs, you can grow those from a garden in a bag too. Get a garden in a bag for your kids and give them a lesson in the beauty of nature.