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Natural Wood Toddler Beds


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Natural Wood Toddler Beds

As your sweet, gurgling infant grows into a rambunctious toddler, you inevitably need to upgrade that cute, tiny bassinet into a sturdy toddler bed, and why not explore your options with a natural wood toddler bed. If you are currently shopping for a toddler to twin bed or a natural wooden toddler bed, don't limit your choice to the traditional options. We have a full range, all designed to provide luxurious comfort and built to grow with your child for years.

One of the choice pieces is the BAM Toddler Conversion Kit, specifically constructed to ease your child's transition from crib to a full bed. This product is so easy to assemble, allowing you to convert from crib to bed in mere minutes. So if you are still looking around of a crib, then this is a practical investment you should consider so you don't need to constantly by a new one at every stage of your child's development. Made from solid birch with birch plywood, this bed conforms and even exceeds all the regulations set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and ASTM.

One of the popular selections of wooden toddler beds is the Pacific Rim Children's 4-in-1 Arts and Crafts Bed the ultimate sleep system for the young ones. Looking at its features, you can easily understand why it's a bestseller. The bed allows you to configure it into four different ways.

First, you can convert it into two separate twin beds, which is wonderful if you have an older child sharing the room. For a space-saving option, you can also switch it into a bunk bed once your toddler is old enough to sleep without the protective closure. You can also design it into a high bed, complete with high trundle bed with casters, which offers a safer sleeping environment for young children. Now, if you prefer a low bed, that won't be a problem. You can also remove the casters and position it at 90 degrees. And since this natural wood toddler bed is from Pacific Rim, you can be sure of it meets even the most exacting standards.

Looking to turn your green nursery into a green toddler's room with these eco friendly toddler beds. You can get toddler beds that are low to the ground, or you can get conversion kits to convert the Argington BAM crib into a toddler bed using the same mattress you had in the crib. Lots of options for your little one (who's now a little less, well, little).