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Natural Bunk Beds


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Natural Bunk beds evoke a tender image of childhood or happy memories of college or times spend when you shared a home with someone else. These days, choosing a bed can be tricky if you are careful about where the wood comes from. Pristine Planet guarantees that our selection of beds is made from natural, sustainable sources so you do not have to worry.

Luxuriate in our natural bunk beds made from the finest renewable wood. These are great choices for children’s bedrooms or if you do not much room to spare. The Twin Kid’s Waveloft Bed is a charming take on the traditional bunk bed, with a safe ladder leading up to the top bunk.

If you are looking for the ultimate space saving solution for solid wood bunk beds, try our Twin Over Full Freedom Futon Bunk Bed Frame. It is the perfect solution for guest rooms and can be converted into a sofa without any hassle. Use the top bunk for storage when not in use. This is great for home offices or small apartments where every square foot is needed.

We also feature maple bunk beds that are proudly USA made. Each piece is crafted from renewable maple wood and finished with natural beeswax and oils. Each piece comes with a lifetime warranty and is carefully made using the finest craftsmanship. These beds can be used for older children as well, until they start asking for their own rooms, that is.

The Pacific Rim Children’s Complete Four-in-One bed gives you superior and long lasting quality when it comes to accommodating your growing child. The bed can be converted into four different frames—it will be like buying four different beds at once.

Trust that each product is made from superior and eco-friendly craftsmanship and will be a safe and natural choice for the members of your family. After all, they deserve the best you can afford.