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Foldable Shopping Bags


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Compact Shopping Bags

A folding shopping bag is great because it can be made compact for easy storage in your bag or some other place. When you need some extra carrying capacity or want to keep something you need to bring out of your bag (like cold bottles that can dampen the insides of your bag), simply pull it out and unfold it. These bags are also sturdier than plastic or paper bags the unfortunate bag bottom rip-and-spill is that much more unlikely.

Envirosax is a well-known name when it comes to reusable shopping bags. They use fabrics that are sturdy and water-proof, with solid stitching and fun prints. Be fashionable and environmentally responsible while browsing the many designs available.

Chico Bags is another well-known brand. Solid colors, sturdy straps, and heavy-duty stitching make for bags that you can use over and over and over again.

One variant of the compact shopping bag is the mesh bag. Instead of solid panels of material, this class of products uses fabric meshes. While a little less sturdy, they are much lighter and can be folded more compactly. They can also dry more quickly when wet, as the open structure does not hold water.

Or there are themed bags that evoke images of various things: squids, dogs, cats, and even mummies. There's also a customizable one that can transform into a rabbit, squirrel, butterfly, or whatever you can make of it.

Compact shopping bags conserve resources by keeping fewer plastic and paper bags from entering our trash dumps and landfills.

These compact shopping bags are perfect when you want to be able to take a few with you for when a shopping trip surprises you. You can stash these compact shopping bags in your purse, the glove compartment or even attach some of them to your belt loop.

Comments for Foldable Shopping Bags

I love these bags! I have a trunk full of regular sized reusable bags and it never fails that I forget them in the car. With these bags, you can keep them in your handbag or use the carabineer and place them on a key chain so you'll always have a bag handy. That way, when you're in the check out lane and you realize that you've left your bags in the car *again*, just pull one of these out and the catastrophe is diverted!

I have 2 of these bags and they are great. It folds up into a little pocket and fits in your purse. They are light weight too, not like some of the canvas bags that I have. I actually just used them today. The bags are big enough to fit those large items but not to big. The colors are great too. I have the raspberry and ebony.