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Lighting Adapters

Lighting adapters allow you to change aspects of your lighting fixtures to fit particular needs.

A socket adapter for changing the size of the bulb base can be useful if you want to use a smaller bulb. By expanding an E12 base to an E26 base, you can get your smaller, more energy-efficient bulb to fit into a standard socket. This is perfect if you have a standard-size base in a space that does not require bright lighting from a larger bulb.

Another type of socket adapter that may prove useful extends the base of the bulb. Though relatively uncommon, there are cases where your new CFLs cannot fit into the bases already installed because of their shape. By extending the base, you won't have to do any rewiring or renovation.

There are also socket adapters so you can link up your LED string lights to a power source. These can be found in green and white, which work well with Christmas trees of various descriptions. A single such adapter can be used to string together 58 sets of LED lights.

Branch connectors allow you to tap multiple sets of string lights into one point, so you don't need to use multiple power cords. There are 4-way and 8-way connectors. The 4-way connector takes power in through one socket and outputs power to 3 sockets. Likewise, the 8-way connector takes power in through 1 socket and powers 7 sockets.

For those who want to customize their string lights, spools of LED-ready wire are available. You can also get it by the foot. It is made of 18 gauge wire with white insulation, with 12" spacing for C7 LED lights.

Using these lighting adapters can expand your options and allow you to save money by avoiding costs for renovation or expert custom fabrication. Save time, power, and money by choosing the right tools and supplies.

These light socket adapters allow any compact fluorescent reflectors that aren't quite long enough to fit into traditional socket bases to fit snuggly. These socket extenders make it possible for all of your lights to fit in your sockets.